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Xia Xia toy: Fun packaging but is that all?

You know that joke that parents have: why bother with the toy when the box gets played with more? That might be the case with this toy. This really fun packaging for a questionably good toy. This was also in a big dump bin so I guess TRU didnt think it was worth shelf space- which is too bad b/c the packaging is the selling point and that gets lost in the mix… Anyone have this toy? Do you like it/


Toy Fair Trends (that I dig)

1) WOODEN TOYS  (high quality and open ended play)

2) FUN CRAFTS (from unusual materials

3) BRACELETS AND GLITTER TATTOOS (customize and easy to do!)

Other trends I didnt dig: TOO MUCH ANGERY BIRDS. sorry no pictures. I was too overwhelmed by them.