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Xia Xia toy: Fun packaging but is that all?

You know that joke that parents have: why bother with the toy when the box gets played with more? That might be the case with this toy. This really fun packaging for a questionably good toy. This was also in a big dump bin so I guess TRU didnt think it was worth shelf space- which is too bad b/c the packaging is the selling point and that gets lost in the mix… Anyone have this toy? Do you like it/


Toy Fair Trends (that I dig)

1) WOODEN TOYS  (high quality and open ended play)

2) FUN CRAFTS (from unusual materials

3) BRACELETS AND GLITTER TATTOOS (customize and easy to do!)

Other trends I didnt dig: TOO MUCH ANGERY BIRDS. sorry no pictures. I was too overwhelmed by them.

Toy Fair Friends!

One thing that was so enjoyable about toy fair was the characters roaming the Center. Brings you right back to age 6, watching cartoons on a Sunday morning or playing with your sister’s toys when she wasnt home (shhhh!). I had a blast.